Ellevet Soft Gels – Reviews: What Are Dog Owners Saying?

The Ellevet Soft Gels are the most recent addition to the Ellevet CBD family of products. It’s rapidly become a fan favorite among buyers. The company’s proprietary blend of CBD and CBDA oil is available as flavorless and odorless soft gels that may be easily disguised in food. If your pet has a delicate stomach or is allergic to certain foods, a soft gel may be a better option.

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Ellevet Soft Gels Dosage

Small, medium, and large Ellevet soft gels are available. Each small soft gel contains 3.8 mg of cannabis, each medium soft gel 11 mg, and each large soft gel 37 mg. The large soft gel container has 62 gels, while the small and medium soft gel bottles contain 124 gels. You’re going to enjoy how simple it is to give your dog this ElleVet supplement!

Ellevet Soft Gels Reviews

Below you will find some Ellevet Soft Gels reviews in which dog owners who tried the supplement are testifying about how it was helpful.

Ellevet Soft Gels for big dogs have been working well for me. The oil has had a positive effect on my yellow lab, and I can clearly see her becoming more calm and comfortable as a result. This is a great product for large dogs with joint pain, and I definitely suggest it.

Stephanie0623, a verified owner

Gumbo, my 8-year-old dog, is in pain in her hips and knees. Her mobility and comfort have much-improved thanks to the Ellevet products! Because I don’t have to worry about putting the dose inside a capsule, these new soft gels are perfect for me. Because they’re so simple to administer to my dog, I can’t tell if the soft gels have much of a fragrance or flavor.

Jamie Sariyavong, a verified owner

For over two years, I’ve been providing Ellevet CBD oil to my dog, Kenya  My veterinarian suggested this fantastic product, and she loves it. The soft gels are a great addition. It’s a huge time saver. The peanut butter helps her eat them without any difficulty. ElleVet products are safe for my dog to consume. It’s also worth mentioning that the customer service is top-notch. When I have a question, they are really knowledgable, pleasant, and helpful. There are no words to describe how much I love this company and this product.

Jodi, a verified owner.

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How To Give Ellevet Soft Gels To Your Dog

Based on a study on how dogs digest Ellevet Soft Gels, it is recommended to give it to your dog twice-daily for an optimal result. After giving your dog the gels, make sure to wait roughly for 8-12 hours before giving it the 2nd dose. It can be taken with meals to help the metabolism process.

What if my dog consumes more calories than it should?

Even if your dog consumes the entire bag or bottle, adverse effects are often modest. If they consume more than they should, they may get tired and/or have soft stools. We always recommend contacting your veterinarian if your dog develops any adverse effects or consumes more than it should.

What is the potency/strength of your soft gel oil?

Each of our Small Dog Soft Gels has 3.8mg of cannabis, Medium Dog Soft Gels include 11mg of cannabinoids, and Large Dog Soft Gels have 37mg of cannabinoids. CBD and CBDA account for around 90% of those cannabinoids, with the remainder being minor yet significant cannabinoids. Our oil contains a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

What should I do with my soft gels?

ElleVet CBD+CBDA soft gel capsules should be stored in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight and do not need to be refrigerated.

How often should I give the soft gels to my dog?

Based on our study into how dogs metabolize our medicine, we believe that twice-daily dosage is required for the optimum benefit. Dosing every 8-12 hours is good, and taking it with meals can enhance absorption. Remember to check out Ellevet Calm and Comfort Chews if your dog is a fan of chews.

How to Determine the Dose of Ellevet Soft Gel in Dogs

A lot of people asked how to determine the dose.

Here are the instructions for calculating your dog’s weight in kg and milligrams per kg.

From Pounds to Kilograms
1. Divide the weight of your dog by 2.2. For a 70-pound dog, multiply 70 by 2.2 to get 31.8.
2. 31.8 is the number of mg required for a 1mg/kg dosage.
3. Dosing is always done twice a day, therefore 31.8 times 2 is the amount of mg required in a day, or 63.6 mg each day.
4. If your dog needs a dosage of 2mg per kilogram, twice that amount.

Various Doses for Various Applications

The dose mentioned on the label is the most effective for joint soreness. For pain, we recommend a week 1 loading dosage of 1.5 mg/kg given in the morning and evening, followed by a maintenance dose of.75mg/kg is given in the morning and evening. Many dogs benefit from continuing to take the week 1 dosage, which is very safe.

Soft Gels Dosage for Cognitive Issues

Cognitive difficulties encompass a wide range of concerns, and ElleVet works very effectively for dogs with cognitive difficulties. Among them are the following:

  • At night, restless or panting
  • Disorientation, especially at night
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Appearing to be “out of it,” gazing at a wall, or withdrawing himself

There are many other cognitive difficulties that this list does not cover, but for the most part, a dosage of 2mg/kg given in the morning and evening is quite helpful and can assist your dog significantly. It means a lot to pet owners and us to see elderly dogs happy and involved again. If you have any questions about estimating the right dose for your dog, please contact or email!

How to Use Ellevet Soft Gels for Skin Irritation

In Ellevet clinical experiment on dogs with Pruritis (itching), a 2mg/kg dosage administered twice daily was shown to be particularly beneficial for itching.

Dogs that did not respond to previous itching solutions responded really well to this dosage, which is fantastic news for dogs with outdoor sensitivities! 2mg/kg is roughly double the Week 1 loading dose, and we can assist you in determining the appropriate dose for your dog. Send us an email or give us a call at any time!

Dosage Instructions for Ellevet Soft Gels for Anxiety

Ellevet proposes a 2mg/kg dosage given twice a day, every day because it is what we concluded is required for stress. Because stress varies from dog to dog. It also recommends this as a beginning dose and contacting us to discuss the ideal amount for your dog. 2mg/kg is almost twice as much as the Week 1 loading dose. If you give us a call or send us an email, we can calculate the appropriate dose for your dog!

Dosing Instructions for Ellevet Soft Gels for Palliative Care

It is the hardest aspect of keeping a pet, and all we want is for them to be comfortable and happy until the end. If your dog is towards the end of his or her life, we have discovered that our product can significantly improve his or her quality of life.

The beginning dose for palliative care, or end-of-life care, is 2mg/kg twice a day, however, this can be increased depending on the condition. Please contact us so that we can discuss what is best for your pet. 2mg/kg is almost double the loading dosage for week 1.

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